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Anuttara Ashram

Anuttara Ashram is a yoga school and spiritual retreat centre which provides Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats and the opportunity to live in a yogic community.

Anuttara’s founders & owners are Emily (Artemis) Doyle and Thomas (Bhairav) English. Although Anuttara travels the world, facilitating retreats and yoga training, the primary location, Anuttara Ashram, is an off-grid centre in the Nass Valley, nestled in the mountains of Northern British Columbia, Canada. 

Emily’s advice to anyone starting a new business?

Find out what it is that makes your heart sing. That excitement that you have will be the energy that pushes you along as you go. Your love for it will make it flower. Your love in a way is unique and it’s that uniqueness that will draw people into your business. Because you love it, they will want more.