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Farmer Cam’s Foods

In the fertile soils of the Skeena River Valley, Farmer Cam grows vegetables at Hidden Acres Farm and Treehouse Resort. Established in 2019, Farmer Cam’s Foods (FCF) produces nutritious microgreens, fresh greens and salad mix, and flavourful herbs, roots, and fruiting crops.

We had the opportunity to visit Cam earlier this summer. He gave us a tour of his farm and talked about some of the rewards and challenges of working solo in a business filled with barriers for young entrepreneurs. Watch the video to find out how he manages these challenges.

What Did Cam have to say about working with Community Futures 16/37?

When I started working on the business plan for my farm, I had very few comparable businesses in the region to compare to or collaborate with. Working with Community Futures to research similar business models and apply business planning practices to my operation has helped me manage and grow my business in my first year of operations. I would highly recommend that entrepreneurs take the time to work with CF staff and explore options and opportunities for their enterprise.

Find Cam at the Skeena Valley Farmer’s Market every Saturday from May to October, or visit the farm stand on Tuesday nights 5-7 PM, from June until September.